Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A first time for everything

I have never thought of doing a pocket sewn into the side seam of a garment until the other day.     Now that I think about it it was something that I considered to be too hard and fiddly  but after having watched a few you-tube videos on how it is done today was the day to have a go.   I have to say that my fears  were soon dispelled and it was quite quick in relation to making patch pockets.  

Here  is the pocket as seen from the inside of the dress.   I did overlock the pocket before attaching it to the dress and then did a row of stitching just inside the overlocking to give it extra strength.

And here it is seen from the right side...….you can just see the opening if you look hard.

I have to say that I impressed myself  with the result and a pocket in the side seam will be an addition to all garments from now on.  

I am off to sew more pockets….back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Ondrea said...

Very impressive! You tube is an excellent way to learn things.

Maria said...

Sew good you learnt to sew pockets into garment like this.. Great way when making trackie pants too. said...

Good job on the pocket, happy sewing to you too :)

Pink Rose said...

Hi Karen well done you clever chicky ,these pockets are a great idea.xx