Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A State of Emergency (Day 13 Post)

Was declared in NSW yesterday as over 85 fires raged around the State with 36 of these not contained.   Many  of these fires have been burning now for several weeks.   Due to the unprecedented conditions a Catastrophic fire danger was in place.    This is the first time that this rating has been placed on the Greater Sydney region.    Hundreds of schools throughout the State were closed for the day and some still remain closed.

Hubs and I live in the northern beaches area and this is considered  a bushfire prone area with warnings being issued throughout the day to be bushfire prepared and ready to go if necessary.   Fortunately for us the closest fire was approx. 25 kms away.    Unfortunately for many in other regions around the State they were not so lucky with the loss of lives and hundreds have lost their homes.

Our thoughts go out to them and of course there is a huge loss of wildlife.   Very sad.

A cooler wind change overnight has now seen the fire danger downgraded to "Extreme fire danger" but many fires are still out of control so caution is still needed.   Sadly some of these fires are  considered to be deliberately lit.    What possesses people to do such a thing?????

While listening to the updates throughout the day I took the time to put my sisters tabletopper together.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all

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Fiona said...

the fires are horrible, we too are not close but the smoke is everywhere.... keep safe