Friday, November 29, 2019

No more flimsy shower caps for me (Day 29 Post)

I am sick of having to replace my shower cap every few months due to the elastic stretching or coming away from the plastic cap.     This problem was finally solved yesterday with some pretty fabric.

And on the inside rip stop nylon was used to make it waterproof.   I used pre-made bias binding to form the casing and slotted some 1/4" elastic through.   This will be so much more sturdy than the very thin hat elastic used in the ones I have been buying.

It is a nice snug fit and I will "christen" it under the shower  today.

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


My Arty-Farty Happy Place said...

What a great idea Karen, and you have done a great job with it too - enjoy your shower with a nice snug shower cap.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a great idea

retdairyqueen said...

I like your shower cap idea
What is the stuff you used for the waterproofing
I have never heard of it and where would you get it
In total agreement about the bought shower caps Wouldn't mind giving your idea a go

Nahid said...

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