Thursday, November 7, 2019

Manly Art Gallery (Day 7 post)

Is where my walking companions  and I went yesterday to view an exhibition of images from the Sydney Morning Herald photo archive of our area.   There were around 130 photos from the 1950s to the 1990s and it was interesting to see the changes in the fashions, cars and how the area had changed generally.    A lot of the suburbs around where we live were covered in glasshouses in the 1960s - what a change there is now.

After viewing the exhibition we walked along the harbour front

And noticed this painted sign on the footpath.

I have known that there is a colony of fairy penguins in Manly but have never been lucky enough to see them.   A lunch stop was a must.   We decided that a sharing plate plus a bucket of prawns along with a glass of white would be more than sufficient.

After lunch it was time to stroll back to the bus stop and head home after a thoroughly enjoyable day. 

Back soon and in the meantime
Happy sewing all


barbara woods said...

sounds like a nice day out

Maria said...

Fabulous day out and a lovely luncheon...

Fiona said...

I love looking at life from years ago.. it's interesting about all the glass houses..

Bethan said...

A lovely day out - and fairy penguins?? Never heard of them before (but have just googled quickly). Hope you spot some one day x