Friday, August 5, 2022


I was lucky enough to make an early start this morning in the sewing room for FNwF.   First up was the sandwiching,  pinning and marking out of a design on the churn dash tabletopper which I think will work well for quilting.    If this goes as planned the design will be used on the two placemats. 

Next up was to be brave and pull out my limited supply of orange scraps  - not my favourite colour but it is the August RSC colour - and sew them into slabs for bibs.  Anything that had a touch of orange was thrown into the mix.  

I will have to stop looking at Pinterest as the "to do list" for my stall increases.    The latest idea to be added to the list is some reading pillows and while in the sewing room today these fabrics were pulled.

Thank you Cheryll for getting us "all together" on the first Friday night of each month for another night of sewing and crafting.  You can see more FNwF projects here.

Two beanies were finished off during the week.

And another started.  

That ball of wool will keep me going for a while.....I see red and navy, red and grey, red and black, red and cream beanies for months to come.

Next book in the pile to read is

This post is being put up tonight as I am rostered on the early shift tomorrow morning at the hospital auxiliary stall which is held on the first Saturday of every month.  

In my last post I mentioned that I was having a problem with blogger - emails were being received that comments were made but the comments were no showing up on the blog itself.     A big thank you goes to Deb A who contacted me and gave me the answer on how to fix this current problem that was being experienced.   If anyone else is having this problem I am happy to pass on the information given to me to. 

Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Fiona said...

You had a very successful FNWF - I hope you stall is just as successful...


Lin said...

Your churn dash topper is looking great - a nice days work. xx

jude's page said...

All the best with the stall, you certainly have a good collection of items.

Jeanette said...

Your FNwF was busy. I hope the stall went well.

Janice said...

I hope the stall went well. What was the comment solution?

Ondrea said...

Reading pillows are a great idea. I use a cushion to prop my book up so I don't get a crook neck. More cosy beanies. Let me know what you think about the book. I haven't read that author. Love your churn dash.

Susan said...

I imagine the beanies are popular at the moment - are they for your stall too?

Reading pillows are a great new idea. I need to sort out some audio books - got the head phones . . just haven't got any further.