Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cannot put it down......

That is the book that I am reading at present.

Without giving too much away this book is about a woman who accidently discovers that her husband of many years committed a terrible crime when he was 17 and has lived with the guilt since then.    She now sees him not as the loving husband, good father, son and  upstanding member of the community that she thought he was.   

Of course her dilemma is now what does she do – tell the police and all the implications that will have on her family or does she stay quiet and let the crime stay buried as it has been for all those years and the victim’s family never know the truth.   

What a predicament to be placed in and one where you  can feel the woman’s pain and anguish as the pages are  turned.   

Anyway I did find time to put the book down and have a lovely lunch with hubs at a great spot near the beach.     It was one of the those days that you just had to be out enjoying the gorgeous day that it was.

After lunch we headed off to see the movie LADIES IN BLACK – one which we both enjoyed.    It was set in Sydney in the late 1950’s and while it will not win any academy  awards it was a “feel good” movie from start to finish.   

Time was also found to pull through, tie off and bury more threads on the checker board quilt.
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Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Maria said...

Sounds like a great book. Wonder if it's on an audiobook ??
Nice venue for lunch and I want to see Ladies in Black. Hope its still on in Geraldton.
Catch up Friday.

Maria said...

Yep it was available in November. I have reserved it. Thanks

Susan said...

Any place near the water preferably the ocean is perfect for lunch - or anything in my book.
I'm currently reading 9 perfect strangers by the same author...I'm enjoying that one - will have to look out for this one too....Thanks for the synopsis.