Friday, October 5, 2018


Was able to start early this morning for me.    The much needed and long awaited rain finally arrived overnight so what better way to start the day than in my sewing room tucked up warm and dry.    My plan last week of working on small sections at a time worked well and today I am working on the last section.    So far all the quilting has been completed with the threads pulled through to the back and now the job of tying off and burying them is all that remains before trimming and binding can happen.

Just to give myself a break from all that close work my next project was planned and cut out today.   I find that most of my clothes do not have a pocket which generally is not  a problem until I go for my daily walk and need to put my phone somewhere.      It is not convenient to carry my normal bag and whilst I do have a cross body bag it is too big for just my phone,  some money and tissues therefore a smaller cross body bag is needed.   Hopefully when this is finished it will serve the purpose ideally.

I do have some "hardware"  which I can re-purpose for the strap.

Thanks Cheryll for organising another fun FNwF and I look forward to do some blog hopping over the weekend to catch up with everyone else and what they did.

I did finish the book that I wrote about in my last post and it was an ending that I would never have guessed.   I think it is a good thing that we do not have "a crystal ball" to look into and see the future.  That is life - all about making decisions and choices at the time and how that can affect our lives and the lives of others.    

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Back soon and in the meantime

Happy sewing all


Helen said...

It’s always a great feeling when tying off those threads at the back of quilts. Lovely fabric for your bag, they are so handy to have on walks.

Kaisievic said...

Can't wait to see what your finished bag looks like. I know a few people who have read The Husband's Secret and quite enjoyed it, so I must add it to my To Read list.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Nice to be on the home run with your finishing off. Your walking pouch sounds perfect...I hate having to carry phone and keys as well as water. I too read that book and still cannot say if I liked it or not lol!

Jan said...

Golly, you've been busy. Glad you got some rain at last, Karen.

Cheryll said...

It was lovely having your company at FNwF too... xox

Bethan said...

Love your quilting pattern. I'm glad you have finally got some rain x

Susan said...

I think your substitute pocket will be very handy!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good to make the bag - I found a small one I purchased for the same reason - woman's clothing just do not have large enough pockets for a phone!